Hynes Group


Waterfall Building

One the first Hynes creations, the Waterfall building was completed in 2001 and is a Vancouver landmark for residential mixed use property. It is located near the entrance to Granville Island and was designed by legendary architect Arthur Erikson. The concrete and glass building features 45 live/work units, an inviting courtyard with waterfall, commercial spaces including a cafe/teahouse, and a boutique data center owned and run by a Hynes group company.

Bridgegate Building

Directly adjacent to the Waterfall Building is the Bridgegate Building, which was purchased by the Hynes group in 2018. This commercial building currently houses offices and retail space, and has plans for a major retro fit that will integrate Hynes next generation data center into the building.

Coming Soon

The Hynes group has been been spending a significant amount of time and resources into our next project. This will be a multi partner, mixed use space bringing together state of the art technology and private/public partners in an exciting new development. More details to be announced soon.